Help Guide for MPH Pro

Welcome to the TrackMaster® MPH Pro handicapping help guide. Modern Pace Handicapping (published 1/91, William Morrow & Co.) was not written as a basic handicapping text. It was designed for the advanced player interested in a sophisticated methodology for evaluating pace. TrackMaster developed a DOS based software years ago based on the methodology, which enabled the user to do away with the tedious requirements of manually calculating values.

This new, web-based version called MPH Pro, is designed for ease of use on computers, laptops, tablets and even cell phones. If you wish to choose your own pacelines or desire a more complete understanding of the concepts displayed, it is best to read the Modern Pace Handicapping book.

The following help sections are available for the product:

Races & PPs

Race List

The Race List page contains access to full past performances and an overview of all the races on today's card with the following columns of data:



Download your complete past performances with full running lines in pdf format at no extra charge from the Races & PPs page. There are two formats to choose from, the TrackMaster Standard PPs and the TrackMaster Condensed PPs.


Input Tab

The Input Tab contains the basic information for each horse along with each horse's PP (past performance) running lines of abbreviated information. For each horse, the program number, horse's name, days ago (number of days since last race), weight carried today, jockey and trainer are listed. A button to scratch a horse is also available. Clicking on the plus sign to the left of a horse's program number will open the running lines for the horse. (Use Settings to change the view for the PP running lines for all the horses' running lines to be displayed upon clicking the Input tab of a race).


Each PP running line contains the following data:

An X to the left of the date of a running line designates that the running line is used for the calculations displayed on the output page. A sophisticated algorithm is used to select which running lines are chosen as representative races for the output pertaining to today's race. The user does have the option of selecting or deselecting which running lines should be used for output by clicking on a running line to select/de-select it.


Output Tab

The Output Tab contains all of the important data needed to analyze a race.



Above each of the ranked columns is the average ranking of winners for the category at the track distance/surface. The average for each category, all things being equal is 3.5.

Note: A horse's rankings in red text signifies a suspicious dropdown in claiming price. Be cautious in backing this type of horse.

Note: A horse's Median Energy in red text signifies the rating is out of range for recent winners at the track distance/surface. Be aware that you will be bucking a trend when backing this horse.

Velocity (feet per second):





Set your MPH Pro default settings to control various displays and method of calculations for outputs. For the Default Input View, the options are No PP Lines Displayed or All PP Lines Displayed (No PP Lines Displayed is the default). For the Default # of Pacelines Used, the options are Use Two Race Lines or Use One Race Line (Use Two Race Lines is the default). For the Default Paceline Method Used, the options are Use TrackMaster Pace Figures or Use Traditional MPH Method (Use TrackMaster Pace Figures is the default). For the Default Run Score Used, the options are Use Track Profile for Score or Use Unadjusted Array Figures for Score (Use Track Profile for Score is the default). For the Default FX Category Use, the otpions are Use FX in Dirt Sprints Only or Use FX in All Races (Use FX in Dirt Sprints Only is the default). For the Default Morning Line Display, the options are Display Morning Line Odds or Don't Display Morning Line Odds (Display Morning Line Odds is the default).

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